Pro Bono Legal Service Offered to Colorado Fire Victims

If you are a victim of the Colorado fires and have lost your home, please contact The Gantenbein Law Firm at 303-618-2122.

The Law Firm will work, Pro Bono, on placing your mortgage in deferment/suspense until you receive your insurance proceeds.

Otherwise, you are still obligated under law to keep making your mortgage payments on a home that no longer exists.

The Gantenbein Law Firm wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to the victims of the fires, and is working voluntarily to help in all ways that we can!

Click here to view video from the Denver Post on the Waldo Canyon fire:,AAAAADe65VU~,G496cZ36A_WJiqq5Paft4yTJ0a5PQX2r&bctid=1708396100001

Keith A. Gantenbein, Jr. is a Colorado foreclosure defense attorney located in Denver and servicing all of Colorado. He also handles bankruptcies, mortgage negotiations, lender liability, real estate, civil litigation, contracts and landlord/tenant. If you think you will be facing foreclosure, or are in the foreclosure process, or have had a wrongful foreclosure, contact Keith Gantenbein at (303) 618-2122 for a one-hour consultation where he will discuss your situation and go over all your options with you.

About theglawfirm1

Gantenbein Law Firm is a Denver, Colorado Tax Law Firm, servicing all of Colorado. Gantenbein Law Firm also specializes in Colorado Real Estate Law, Colorado Foreclosure Defense, Wills & Trusts, and Business Law.
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