Wrong Home Foreclosed On, Bank Steals Homeowners’ Belongings


Katie Barnett took a two-week vacation this summer. When she arrived back home she was in for a shock of a lifetime. Her key wouldn’t open her front door. The locks on her house had been changed. Looking inside, she was more than just stunned. The house was nearly empty! She did see a dresser in the middle of a room, turned over on its side with the legs broken off. When she walked to the back yard, she noticed the patio furniture around the pool was missing. Several Toyota engines that were stored in the garage were gone too.

Katie crawled through a window to survey her worst vacation nightmare. She called the police. The police couldn’t help or do anything other than write a report. A couple of weeks later, the police called Katie and told her the house had been foreclosed on, not burglarized.

The First National Bank of Wellston, Ohio had foreclosed on her house. The bank sold, hauled away and threw out her possessions while she had been on vacation. Her keepsakes were gone forever.

The trouble is, Katie had never heard of the bank – and never had a mortgage or loan with them. The bank had simply foreclosed on the wrong house. Her house number was 507, the bank was supposed to have foreclosed on the house across the street at 514 (both houses were clearly marked with the numbers).

Tony Thorne, the bank president said the ‘snafu’ was a malfunctioning GPS locator. He issued a statement:

“On June 18, 2013, two representatives of the First National Bank of Wellston were assigned to clean and refurbish a bank-owned residential property. Regrettably, the GPS locator they used to find the property led them to the wrong home, which was located on the same street as the target property (we have since retraced their route using the same GPS, and it again took us to the same wrong location). As we discovered later, the property to which they were directed actually belonged to another individual.”

The bank said the employees had no reason to doubt they were at the right location, and discarded what they thought to be abandoned items (Katie’s possessions). “Unfortunately, we did not discover our error until the clean-up process was nearly complete.”

The bank also said they’d compensate Katie “fairly and equitable for her inconvenience and loss”. The bank said they acted in ‘good faith’, the lawn was overgrown and the utilities were off (which usually happens when you’re away on vacation).

Katie presented them with a bill for $18,000. The bank demanded receipts for all her repossessed items. Katie replied she didn’t have receipts for everything, and most importantly – those receipts would have been with all the possessions that had been hauled off, sold and trashed.

Katie said the bank (Thorne) got very firm with her. “We’re not paying you retail here, that’s just the way it is” the bank said.

It’s incredible the bank would balk at the $18,000. They were in the wrong. Not to mention Thorne’s statement that the bank realized the error before they ‘cleaned out everything’. Why didn’t the bank contact Katie and tell her they had erred? Left a notice on the door? Katie found out what really happened from the police, weeks later.

In subsequent experiments using GPS locators, the correct house was always correctly identified. GPS clearly said ‘house on left’, not ‘house on right’.

Katie is angry, and who wouldn’t be? She said “They’re sarcastic when they talk to me. They make it sound like I’m trying to rip the bank off.”

Bank president Thorne says there’s a discrepancy in the items Katie claims the bank took.

Discrepancy? They broke into her home and robbed her!

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. Foreclosing on the wrong home, and wrongfully foreclosing on a home is a very frequent event.

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2 Responses to Wrong Home Foreclosed On, Bank Steals Homeowners’ Belongings

  1. Cheryl Brozovic says:

    OMG – it is so transparent that we have been infiltrated by terrorists who are out to destroy America. This case of the wrong house is NOT an isolated case. It’s happening all across America. Thank God some of these are getting published. And, all the while we have Obam bam telling the public that the economy is getting better, that the Housing market is getting better, NOT addressing the millions who have had their homes STOLEN from them… and now he’s spouting the line that the spying on people is nothing to worry about. That man is either delusional, crazy to the max, a robot, brainwashed, or a terrorist himself. – OR – perhaps he is all of the above. His minions in Congress (with the exception of a few) are just as bad. Does anyone besides me wake up in the morning and say – OMG, the whole Friggin’ WORLD of people have gone Crazy!? Well, they have (with an exception of a few, it seems).

    We have a Crisis of Crazies! Seriously. What do the people do when those in charge are crazy, and the people working FOR the crazy follow their orders?


  2. joy says:

    So, “the bank said” huh? The bank cannot talk! Hold the Bank Manager and his minions responsible!. Take out a full page ad in the local newspaper that quotes the newspaper article – and make it clear that THESE are the actions of MEN, NOT banks! These MEN need to be held accountable! THIS is the problem. Until the People doing the Bad Deeds are held accountable and made to Feel SHAME, until we quit hiding behind the real issue – that the PEOPLE are doing the Bad Deeds and hiding Behind the banks, this will Never End! Publish, publish, publish, these so-called “mistakes”. If the people doing the dirty deed of taking the women’s belongings because they just “Assumed” she abandoned them, (these minion/sheeple) are taught Real Life Lesson, to THINK – to use their phones to double check, to realize that this kind of job is not worth destroying people’s lives….only hen will the sheeple even begin to be wrestled from their dream-like dumbed down state. This Lesson – that people cannot just willy nilly go into a house and take possessions, and claim they “thought” these items were “abandoned”- without suffering consequences. This lady was too “nice” to the manager minion bankster. The people working for banks that are repossessing homes in general should be ashamed of themselves. Since they are Not ashamed of themselves, they need to be Publically Shamed. People who feel no remorse or shame are damaged in their brains – no empathy. Even more reason to make this story go viral. We have an epidemic of broken brains! Sound funny? Well, spend a day working in the medical field. We have an epidemic of unseen proportions that is Not being published. The system is at a tipping point in some cities. Keep your eyes and ears open for That news, and eat, drink, and breathe the healthiest way you can. You do not want to be one of the statistics. We need to turn that tide as well – we need people to maintain or become more healthy in order to save our species and the planet. God’s speed.

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