Foreclosures up 5% in July, 2014

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A total of 49,624 U.S. properties started the foreclosure process for the first time in July, a 5% increase from June. There was a two percent increase in foreclosure filings in the U.S. last month (July) with 109,434 properties in foreclosure than from the previous month (June). There were a total of 51,595 properties set for foreclosure auction, which is a 10% increase from June. It’s predicted August may see an even higher increase in the foreclosure auctions.

Although the foreclosure rate was down from this time last year, there is still concern over these latest increases. The economy has not rebounded as predicted and analysts say if the rate continues to increase the next 2-3 months, there will be cause for alarm that will have a ripple effect in the housing market.

Including default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions, in the U.S., one in every 1,203 properties had some type of foreclosure activity in July 2014.Florida had the highest state foreclosure rate in the nation for the 10th month in a row. One in every 469 properties had foreclosure activity making that state more than two-and-a-half times higher than the nation’s average. Presently, in Florida there are 248,640 homes that are in foreclosure. Other high-ranking states were: California, Nevada, Arizona, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Illinois.

There were a total of 14 states that had a higher foreclosure start rate last month (notices of intent to file foreclosure) than the previous month. Nevada topped the list has having the highest increase – a whopping 129% in foreclosure starts (lenders starting a foreclosure process).

Foreclosure activity increased from a year ago, in five of the nation’s cities. There was a 66% increase in foreclosure activity in Houston, Texas and 24% in Washington, D.C. Several California cities had huge increases in bank repossessions such as; a 58% increase in Los Angeles, 40% in San Diego and 27% in Riverside-San Bernardino.

Columbia, South Carolina and Akron, Ohio were cities with high foreclosure activity. Columbia had foreclosure activity in one in every 484 properties and Akron had one in 525 properties.

There were 25,937 U.S. properties repossessed in July. Four states had a considerably increase from the same time as last year. Those states were: Maryland (up 77%), California (up 22%), Oregon (up 13%) and New jersey (up 12%).

The lowest foreclosure activity in the nation was Montana, having one in every 25,337 properties. In Colorado, there are 10,294 properties in foreclosure at present time and a total of 29,684 homes for sale. Further, there were more home sale listings but fewer sales leading to weaker home price gains this summer.

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